Monday, September 9, 2013

The Silent Spy Press Check

Once the cover art for the latest game has been finalized, we send the box design off to print. Our Marketing Director flew out to Chicago to review the final result for The Silent Spy's art before we begin printing all DVD case inserts. This was the press check. We always want to make sure that the actual print matches the design we see on the computer.

Hot off the press! Here we check to make sure the gold/orange matches the color code:

Taking a closer look at the box text:

A close-up of the press sheet:

 Looks good! Signing it off:

Also, it looks like a few of you have solved the weekend puzzle! I suppose knowing what the puzzle is would've helped, but I only know of one cipher that requires a missing letter in the process, as well as needing a "key word". Hopefully that would have given it away for you.

The puzzle is a [playfair cipher] and you take out "Q" from the solving process, using the word "sleuth" as your key word. The answer is [characters next week].

And by the way, clue #13 from the 13 hints for 2013 post will be revealed tomorrow. ;)
~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

Awesome! :D i'm both excited and nervous about this game. I've never paid so much attention to a game before! (I think mom's getting a little worried XD. it looks great. I wish nancy's mom would be alive but realize she's probably not, it'll be disappointing but I know a lot of people prefer it that way.

CJNecklace said...

That's SO cool! It's always nice to see the behind the scenes of how much work goes into the game. My dad is actually in Chicago on business also(=

William D said...

Characters next week, huh?
And 'fell' tommorow o-o WOOO xD
I can't wait, more theorizing about "Fell" on its way
Each good spy 'fell' prey to some villain
Kate 'fell' victim to a deadly pathogen
Nancy 'fell' into a comma and the last 28 games are all lies
(-.- I can be so dumb sometimes XD)
The company 'fell' on hard times and can't make any more games!??!? ( shoot me if so DX)
The responsibility of a higher position 'fell' ino your lap? (If so, congrats!!!! XD)
Oh well, enough theorizing, time for sleep z.z

Anonymous said...

Do the bonus editions have the textured DVD case sleeve? I really like those.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that "The Silent Spy" is gold?

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! the characters are up!!!!! :D so exciting!! and more story is revealed!!! YYYYAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that "The Silent Spy" is golden?

Anonymous said...

I Love all the characters!!!! they're so cool. I can't wait to play the game. I hope that it's as good as you guys are building it up to be. I was wondering if I could request a birthday shout out for Lauren tomorrow, September 11, and for Natalia on September 17. Natalia's favorite game is WAC.

Hannah said...

The colour scheme reminds me of TMB!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure but I hope they do, I miss those covers they seemed to add more awesomeness to the game!

Anonymous said...

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