Monday, June 10, 2013

Traveling for Memories

Traveling is one of the best summertime activities, I think, because the sun is out, the weather is warm, and school is out! (And there is a contest this summer, if you haven't heard! Click here to learn more!)

Shopping for souvenirs may be quite fun when traveling, but I personally like to collect more memories and experiences than fun trinkets. Like Nancy Drew, when I travel, I try new things, explore new places and taste new foods. To keep a snapshot of these memories, creating a scrapbook with random little pieces from the travel adventure is sure fun, but another way to remember those memories is to take...what else? Pictures!

This weekend I went traveling to the next city across from our office location: Seattle. Of course, I took flat Sonny with me to help add this memory to the travel log...and to also post this memory here!

My travel memory is this: I hunted for a restaurant close enough to the Space Needle so that I could take my picture from a safe, photo-friendly location and still get this icon in the background. Once I found a restaurant, I parked, went up to the sidewalk and turned around.

"Oh no!" I thought, staring up at the tall tower. "The sun is right next to it!" This is a horrible thing for anyone who knows two bits about photography: The sun will fill the camera with too much light and you won't get a very good shot. I only had 30 minutes to keep my car parked here, so I started to think. "Well, it's too late for lunch and too early for dinner, but I'll go inside for a sure is hot anyway," I said to myself, but not out loud 'cause that's silly.

After coming out of the restaurant with a blueberry-pomegranate smoothie, I leaned up against the building wall, looking at the Space Needle. Nuts. The sun hasn't moved much very far. I looked to my right and noticed that the shadow of the Space Needle was cast on the driveway of the restaurant, not far away. What a perfect place to stand to get a shot of the Space Needle without the sun blinding us! Not really. The restaurant driveway was a dangerous place to stand for a picture. Hmm. If I wait long enough, the shadow will move in my direction...

Standing up against the wall for another ten minutes enjoying the smoothie, I waited. Finally, the Space Needle shadow was on me and the sun had hidden behind the iconic tower. Yay! Photo-op!

Sonny--and Little Jackalope--wuz here!

As for the weekend puzzle, all you had to do was [turn the numbers into letters (A=1, B=2, C=3 and so on)] and then read it like a [rail fence cipher (up, down then left to right).] Voila! Your answer!

This hints to something we are working on behind the scenes.

~Little Jackalope~


Future HeR Animator said...

I actually like the sun glare in the photo!:) just my opinion.

I looked at y'all's weather and the highs are like 60's and 70's, I find it interesting that you think it's hot because our highs in TN are 80 and 90's right now:) WA seems like a good place to hang out right now;D lol
Blueberry and pomegranate smoothie, that sounds like heaven!

Sick day today, which means I got to skip work and play GTH;)

ND fan said...

Hello Little Jackalope! I am absolutely positively excited! I was looking at the prizes for the Sonny June contest...WOW. I cant believe you get your photo in the Silent spy game. How will you guys tie the photo of the winner into the plot of the game? A picture frame maybe?Hmmm

Anonymous said...

maybe the new stories is for ND #29?

Rachel Stevens said...

Aww I love your picture LJ!

Anonymous said...

New stories? As in SPY?

Anonymous said...

Oh, you, as always, is so cute: D

Anonymous said...

I still have to print out my flat Sonny. I'm not quite sure where to take him because I never really get anywhere. You could probably take your Sonny to the top of the Space Needle couldn't you?

From me,

Anonymous said...

Could we make our own Flat Sonny that looks like the real one if we can't print it out of whatever it is?

Thank you!


ComicalCrafty said...

Love the Seattle Space Needle Story! :D

Quick question, LJ - do you have any resources on how to translate text into binary code? I know Nancy used it in HAU and DED, and I was wondering how you did it.

-Allison, AKA ComicalCrafty :)

William D said...

Oh, numbers to letters :/ Of course it was. *rolls eyes* Oh well, anyways, super awesome pic of you and Sonny Joon :D. Do you think Sonny Joon will ever be in any Nancy Drew game? It would be amazing if Sonny Joon was Kate's partner (A: Kate is Nancy's mom (for those who don't know) B:If she is really a spy!) Anyway, what position do you think is fun at HerInteractive?