Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Behind these Walls

I love to explore new places. Sharing Nancy's curiosity to search new environments and discover new locations led me to write about traveling and exploring...again. Especially with the Sonny Joon contest in mind, this summer is a great time to set out on a sunny day to see the nearby sites, or simply drive through the city to see old buildings and interesting architecture. Learn more about the Sonny Joon summer contest we are having here!

What do you suppose happens in this particular building? Why would I take a picture of this random, stand-alone red brick building with old painted graffiti and signs on it?

I shall leave with you this mystery: It is an important building for us, particularly the top (sixth) floor. We were up there today. "We" as in several team members from our office. It had to be today. The top floor holds secret files we need. Several doors up there had locks. I cannot reveal much more until later.

Where do you think this picture was taken? What were we doing here?
~Little Jackalope~


beyondlimits34 said...

to me it looks very similar to the office building that we spy on with binoculars in VEN. You said yesterday that you were going to voice recordings today, is that where they are held? If not, can you tell us a little more about the voice recordings process?

horselover23 said...

*Gasp* maybe it has all of the
ND game ideas!!!

Hannah said...

Not gonna' tell us eh? Well let's see. File name: Secret_Building, no hints there. The lettering could provide me with a clue to the location!

I am trying to decipher the words, one wall says 'snow flake' another says 'warehouse' (obviously) the modern sign near the bottom might be 'Henry's' the lettering at the top is probably a name 'Mcay and Drapdwardony'

I'm left to assume that the building is in WA since you didn't mention driving... and since so many of the HI staff went there.

BINGO! it's Henry's First Avenue Tavern, at 1518 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA! 0_> YAY!!! Wait, looks like you took the photo from Occidental Avenue. So there.

Drew Detective

Hannah said...

More specify I believe it is the Taylor Edwards Building. With my Mum's help we were able to find out that the lettering across the top of the building was done twice so that's why it's so jumbled! So funny, my Mum says "I love Nancy Drew too you know, look at this!" We had fun figuring this out Little Jackalope! ;) Built in 1907 WOW!

Oh and FYI I live nowhere near WA so it's not like I'd ever seen the building myself... we live in Maine. :)Across the country

Now... what is on the 6th floor?!! As far as I can see the space is for rent so what were you doing there?

ND's #1 fan said...

Maybe that is the place you went to get inspiration for environments for SPY? Other than that I have no idea!

Anonymous said...

Is it the recording studio.

Anonymous said...

The building where you did voice recordings?

Anonymous said...

I've seen buildings like that before, but never went inside. I was always just driving through the city with family to get to our destination.


ComicalCrafty said...

From this angle, the building looks flat.... ;)

Future HeR Animator said...

Isn't that the recording studio?!:D I've seen a picture of it before, it's like the first post ever on the AS blog. It's so exciting to think that you're already recording for SPY!! Hope everything goes smoothly for y'all, ill be right here waiting:)

Anonymous said...


In Ghost of Thornton Hall in the workshop place there is this kind of ugly brown thing that runs around the floor randomly. What is this?



Anonymous said...

i'll bet ya that's the bulding you do the recordings for the games in. :)

Anonymous said...

Oooooo Don't tell me you were recording for the next game?!? :D

~ Lily

Breanna(; said...

I am super curious, please tell us soon, or I think I will die!!!!! Of curiosity that is:D

Breanna(; said...

Hey Lj I think I posted my comment on the wrong blog post, my comment for this one, is on the blog post before this one. "Sorry"(:

William D said...

Forgot to put my name for the one with 5 ideas :/

Anonymous said...

Seattle, Voice Recording Session?


Anonymous said...

You spoke of this building before didn't you? Like when you have this huge secret for a new game,you secretly meet there. I think you said something once along those lines,I'm just curious if that's the same building.

From me,

William D said...

Ok, sorry, apparently my other comment didn't go through. My thoughts are:
1: You and your colleagues are SUPER soys, breaking in to the secret lab of Dr. von Nancink (lol) who stole the info on the Silent Spy to sell on the Black Market! :O
2: You are visiting the lost archives of Nancy Drew :O
3:You were sent by the office to collect info.
4: You are the villains, stealing secret info D: (You would never be the bad guy, your too nice!)
5: um.... I ran out of ideas Y_Y Oh well. As to where it is, I have NO clue at all :/

Carissa C. said...

Very cool looking building! Like soemething straight out of a Nancy Drew game. :) And how would one go about voicing a character in a game? I feel like it would be fun and awesome to be able to have the chance to voice a character in one of my favorite games.