Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Images from GTH

I've been looking at favorite images from inside Ghost of Thornton Hall to put a list together for the merchandise store. I have a long list, and from time to time I check the message boards to see what other fans want added as well.

While it does take a while to re-create the pictures to best fit each merchandise item, we have been able to add one more this week. Check it out! Per your request (and my wish) may I present the Ghost Book and Ghost Book Art of Charlotte:

These are just the iPad designs, of course. They may look a little different on other items, but I'd suggest heading over to browse the shop and try your hand at designing some products. It's really fun to see the sample images (please note: if there is a white space surrounding the image in the preview mode, don't worry; it will go away once it goes to print on the item).

We have an exciting day tomorrow! Some team members and I will be traveling over to Seattle for some game voice recording sessions for our next Nancy Drew mystery. Yay!
~Little Jackalope~

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