Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Merch, Fan Art, and Food

Today I have a little bit of everything to share!

First, Check out this fan's artwork! Aubrey did this as a class assignment and received a decent grade....I think she deserved it! Nice job, Aubrey!

Today was another food truck day, and the special were crepes. Yum. I went ahead and got two helpings; the one shown below was a ratatouille lunch, and my second was a strawberry/chocolate mouse/almonds/cream mix for dessert. Yum. Have you ever had a crepe? Or ratatouille? (This ratatouille had all sorts of colorful vegetables with feta cheese and an artichoke pesto. Sounds crazy healthy, but it was well-seasoned and wonderful!).

Also, we have a new image up in our merchandise store for you to design a product with: "Keep Calm and Sleuth On".

And lastly, there is a Twitter quote contest going on today. Head over for a chance to win a digital guide!
~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

O my gosh, tomorrow is our last day if French class and were making crepes! I've never had them before but I'm excited to try them! So cool that you had the same thing LJ!

Future HeR Animator said...

Nice work Aubrey!! :D love it, very creative!
Well, it looks very yummy, but it doesn't sound very yummy to me;) but I'm glad you enjoyed it! What's with the food trucks up there, never in my life have I heard of such a thing until you posted about the taco truck!:D we need one of those!

ND's #1 fan said...

Nice work, Aubrey! Great artwork!
LJ--- one word... YUMMMMMMMOOOOOO!!!!
You are making me hungry! (^_^) lol
well, actually, that's 8 words... counting the (^_^) and the lol :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! That drawing is AMAZING! I wish I could draw that good! Or draw at all for that matter... Do you guys always have food trucks?? The only "food" truck I have ever seen where I live is an ice cream truck... And that's why I have to move to Washington when I'm older! :) Sadly I have never tried Crepe or Ratatouille but I intend to try it sometime! I love the new merchandise items! I would TOTALLY clean you guys out of stock if they wern't so expensive. Do you think you will have a sale on merchandise anytime soon? Thanks!


Adriana & Alexandra said...

Hi Little Jackalope,
We are identical twin sisters named Adriana and Alexandra. On June seventh, we are turning thirteen. We were hoping that you could provide a birthday shoutout for us. I (Adriana) like jackalopes and Nancy Drew. I (Alexandra) like Koko Kringles and finding pretty easter eggs.

Alexandra and Adriana :)

ND's #1 fan said...

Hey LJ, I don't have a twitter account, so I'm just gonna put my answer here-
I'm guessing Tino Balducci from TRN said that? Since he's such a bighead lol. XD
If that's correct, can you just post a comment here saying ND's #1 fan is correct? Thanks (^_^)
-ND's #1 fan

WWNDD12 said...

LOL! I thought you said: "Today was another food truck day, and the special were *creeps*. Yum." That was a bit disturbing! LOL!

I think I might buy some merchandise! I will be one of the only guys with a "Keep Calm and sleuth on" tee-shirt!

Anonymous said...

That crepe looks sooo good!!!!!! Also, I just got out of school so I will be playing all of my Nancy Drew games over again! Did you like Warnings at Waverly Academy LJ? It's my favorite game, gonna go watch arglefumph play it!


Breanna(; said...

Wow aubry did an amazing job on that picture I give it two thumbs up.