Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Haunting Songs

Have you listened to the music while playing Ghost of Thornton Hall? I think it's awesome, and since I have the soundtrack I get to listen to it on speakers just by itself, volume cranked up louder so I can fully appreciate the work and design that was put into the score.

If you'd like to get the digital download songs for yourself, you can order the soundtrack from our site here.

One of the best tracks is called "Sweet Charlotte" which is Charlotte singing her ghostly song. Here are the lyrics for you below:

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~Little Jackalope~


horselover23 said...

I absolutely LOVE the Sweet Charlotte song!! my friend and I sing it all the time, driving her brothers and my sisters crazy!!

Future HeR Animator said...

That is like the creepiest song in the history of ND games:O but I love it, along with "Past" it's so beautiful. It's like it tells the story of Charlotte in one song... Love it! I'm going to base some photos off of "Sweet Charlotte". Just having trouble finding a ladybug... I think they all dropped off the face of the earth... ~.^

I got my first paycheck the other day!!:D what am I going to do to celebrate? Treat myself to some HeR merchandise!! I'm thinking a keychain, I collect keychains and I've wanted a ND keychain ever since I discovered ND.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the song Sweet Charlotte. I listen to it all the time. Definitely my favorite song on the album.


William D said...

AAHHHAAA!!! I've been searching the internet for those words for..... about a month or two. I know what you mean though, I LOVE the songs in Ghost of Thornton Hall. It is the best music in all the Nancy Drew games I've played. The music is soft, mysterious, and intriguing. The song Charlotte sings is soft, mysterious, and sorrowful. Little Jackalope, could you please tell me who the voice actor was for Charlotte? I would really appreciate that very much ^_^

HopeFollows said...

It's so cool that the soundtracks are available to buy. It makes me wanna do a karaoke song for some strange reason.

I was actually wondering if you got my letter yet. :) I sent a letter to you a little over a month ago.

Alicia Spencer said...

I love this song! But the only weird part is the frying pan part. How can Charlotte hide under a frying pan? Why couldn't it be something like burning van, or blueprint plans. (I have no idea, don't judge me plz)