Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekend Puzzle #123

Only 10 days left until pre-orders start going out for Alibi in Ashes! We can now count on our fingers the days until you can download your pre-ordered game.

On to a quick weekend puzzle, I'm sure you could solve this in a matter of moments. Our lead QA tester was able to get it in 25 seconds. ;)

Have a great weekend!
~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

made me feel smart though;)

Anonymous said...

Got It!

From me,

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that for the last few Nancy Drew games you haven't put a minigame up on your site. Why is that? Are you guys not going to do that anymore? I hope not, because I always enjoyed the minigames.


Anonymous said...

These look like one of the puzzles from SAW.

Little Jackalope said...

LS, we didn't do a minigame for CAP, but perhaps there will be others in the future. Sometimes mixing it up a bit can be interesting... :)

Anonymous said...

I feel so dumb... HELP

Anonymous said...

OHHH I got it!

Anonymous said...

shoot i feel so stupid :(