Thursday, September 8, 2011

Surprising Drinks

Wow, another late post today! You know what that means? We've been working on something exciting. (But I will not spill any secrets until Monday). ;)

A few of us crazies went out for Bubble Tea today. This was my first time trying it, and my thoughts ran to the weird concoction that Renee made up for Nancy in The Legend of the Crystal Skull. Remember how it was green and Henry Bolet Jr. told her not to feed Nancy any more of it? Kind of a scary thought, not knowing the contents.
This tea wasn't as bad as that thought, though. I suggest you try it if you haven't. Nancy's always trying new things, that's how gutsy she is, and I hope to always be as brave as her.

Weekend puzzle tomorrow! Stay tuned for another cryptic answer. :)
~Little Jackalope~


Karen said...

OMG, I miss bubble tea, we don't have it out here in FL. it is delicious! the black tapicoa balls=yum!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Monday now! I'm guessing that it is the ASH trailer. I love sweet tea, I'll have to try bubble tea! :)

Anonymous said...

were can you get bubble tea?

Anonymous said...

OMGZ! I <3 bubble tea! The last time I had it was a few years ago at a Thai resturant, but it was ah-mazing! And my mom makes drinks like what Renee made all the time! But they accually taste great! (Btw, I highly recommend trying Kale and fresh-squeazed lemonade. It's awesome! But sweeten it with Stevia. Lol.) <3 you guys at HeR! I can't wait for ASH! Ahh! :D


Anonymous said...

What is Bubble tea?I've never heard of it.

From me,

peyton said...

those look good what are they???

Little Jackalope said...

It's hard to describe Bubble Tea, it's tea, with a flavor, often has milk, and tapioca balls are at the bottom. Try looking up online to see if there's a place nearby that serves it. :)