Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hot Tip: Spy on the Designer!

Our writer stopped by my desk to give me a hot tip: go and take a picture of what the designer is doing. o.O Always up for a little spying adventure...especially ones that involve a camera....I quickly headed to the other end of the office where I found this:
Cathy had a huge whiteboard propped up on her desk next to her computer! This looked pretty intense! On it was written/drawn a layout of our next game. This mapping is what connects every puzzle, conversation, cinematic, and inventory availability of the game play. Without proper organization and mapping, the game would have several story, puzzle, conversation, and other glitches, or bugs as we call them.

I can't wait to see how the mystery plays out! I hope to get another peak at it in these next few weeks. ~.^

~Little Jackalope~


Tom Thatcher (HIMB) said...

You couldn't have focused a little better or used a camera with more megapixels, Mysty? We can't read the writing! ;)

I guess we'll find out how it plays out in October!

-Tom Thatcher (HIMB)

Anonymous said...

That looks super confusing.I'm glad you understand it.So who is going to be in the new game?Bess?George?Carson?Hannah?Ned?Any would be awsome.Can't wait!!

From me,

Little Jackalope said...

Tom Thatcher:
Oh dear! Is it blurry? Well, I suppose it'll remain a secret what is on that board. (I know there are detectives out there who have skilled observation skills that could decipher the meaning of little words). ;)

Nancy is the only person we are saying is in the game so far. ~.^
Secrets to be revealed in the future...

random ND fan said...

sigh.... i guess we will all just have to wait. :( oh well! ;) that board looks sooooo confusing! lol i pitty the person who has to make that! :P

Drew Detective said...

Woah, sooo much work goes into making the games! I didn't think about how all the conversations and puzzles connected... yes I wish we could hear a little more about it... or see the picture in closer detail...

Little Jackalope said...

Perhaps after the release of that game on the board, I will give a zoomed-in, clear version of this. :) We'll see.

random ND fan said...

that would be cool!