Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Big Contest! (And us being busy)

It's the super busy season for a couple of us in the office (myself included) and I've noticed how many times I use the word "busy". Note to self: try to avoid using that word for the remainder of the launch season for Alibi in Ashes. Will need to come up with a new vocabulary, what would Nancy say? Distracted? Detained? Engaged? Active? In motion? Hmm...will have to keep this in mind.

Take a look here! It's a bit hard for a camera to pick up, but if you look closely at this white piece of paper, you will see that it is a sample of the embossing for the Alibi in Ashes box.

A HUGE new contest was posted yesterday! Head over to the official page for more details on possibly flying out here to our office and becoming CEO for a day (the best part is meeting me...just kidding.)

I'd better take off or else I won't stop working...I'm super bus-- occupied. :)
~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

Loks cool.I can see it and it looks real cool.Can't wait to play the game.
Awsome to be CEO4 a day but when I showed my Mom,her exact words were "Well that's not happinin'"
either way i think that sounds cool.I wouldn't mind meeting you.Keep 'occupied'

From me,

random ND fan said...

the box looks cool, and i haven't talked to my parents yet, but i really hope they let me participate in the contest! it sounds SO awsome! i will be getting the game anyway, so why not just enter the contest! and would we get to meet little jackalope? that would be cool! can we preorder the game from a store, or online?

Anonymous said...

i wish i could enter,but i'm too busy with my acting classes,but still getting alibi in ashes first chance i get!!!!