Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Day of Random Gifts

It's not Christmas, or a birthday (well, one of our artists had a birthday yesterday), but we received a few gifts today... OK, so maybe they aren't really gifts according to everyone else, but I like to call them that to make it sound interesting.

Our order of office snacks came in (somebody keeps eating the cookies...). With that same order came several cubicle-sized white boards for the artists to hang up on their walls to doodle, sketch and write crazy ideas on. (Maybe I will spy on them and take a few pics to share with you. I thought I saw a blue jay on one of them.)

Another "gift" came in the mail today. Huge proofs of Alibi in Ashes box prints...with a kick to it! I will have to show you a picture of these later.

This little gift seen below came last week, and we've been playing with it ever since.This is Auggie. You put one of the yellow balls in his mouth (tight and snug), and squeeze him until the ball pops (more like shoots) out. The goal is to knock over those alien sticks. A word to the wise: If you aim Auggie straight up, you are most likely to get hit with the yellow ball in an instant. I would know.

Twitter quote contest is tomorrow! Participate then for a chance to win a digital strategy guide.
~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

looks like fun.I would love one of those for my school house.Aliens hmm??perhaps Sonny Joon sent you guys that game.LOL.

From me,

Little Jackalope said...

Ooh, good thought! It does seem like a Sonny Joon toy. ;)

random ND fan said...

lol i love sonny joon! it is fun to see where he has been and find his "note"books!