Monday, August 9, 2010

A Helpful Hint

With two upcoming releases, things are bustling. And while I’ve only been here for a couple of days, I’ve definitely already gotten in the groove of things here at HI. It probably helps that the marketing team sure has a lot of work on their plates right now and so there’s always something for me to help out with.

But I’m probably just as excited for the new games as you guys are. SCK came out when I was only six years old and to this day remains the only game I was never able to finish. And the thought of having to switch between disks mid-game has kept me from completing the set. However, I’m happy to return to the delightful combination of high school and murder…okay, so maybe “delightful” isn’t exactly the right word…

In other news, I checked in on the message boards and noticed that you guys needed a little help with last weekend’s puzzle. So here is a clue to get you on your way:

- Puzzle 66 Hint -
“Although tic-tac-toe is usually a game between X’s and O’s, maybe you can introduce some new letters into the mix.”

Hope that helps!


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