Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Day Like No Other...

You may think that today is just any ordinary Tuesday…think again.

Today is S’mores day! …or according to my favorite source for bizarre holidays, at least. And since it’s summer, any night is the perfect night to have a campfire with some friends. Just make sure you don’t forget the grams, chocolate, and ‘mallows. (has anyone seen the Sandlot?)

As for my day, I spent all morning compiling feedback about TOT from the message boards, and now I’m working on making an easy to read chart with reviews of all the games as well as overall ratings from all our favorite review sites (including, you guessed it, the message boards!)

I can’t tell you how helpful it is to have so much input from our most devoted followers. I love that at HeR everyone recognizes how important our user’s thoughts are because they’re the ones who are actually playing the games. And I doubt that we would have created some of the amazing products we have without hearing what you guys like and don’t like. So…thanks!!

Also, great job on solving the puzzle!! Keep trying if you haven't figured it out yet and the answer will be up tomorrow.

Now back to work!

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