Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Yup, we're really jumpin' and jivin' on this whole Secrets Can Kill thing. There's been press releases, blog posts, and the whole-nine-yards. 'Course I'm hearing that a launch like this one is hard. It does happen to fall between two rather exciting and new cases (i.e. ND22 and ND23). So I've been checking the reception on the message boards... pretty decent I'd say. Just wait till you see what else is heading this way. ^.~

Also, we got a lot of good entries for the contest, I can't wait to start the reveal... though I don't know the winner just yet. I believe Thursday is going to be the day with all the fireworks. ^.^

This weekend's puzzle wasn't too tricky to solve.  So lets see how it is done.

- Puzzle 65 Answer -

This puzzle is actually a [ rebus ].  To solve it you need to discover what
[ each picture means ]. 
The first clue can be deciphered as [ Brand ]. 
For the second, you have to know what [ the image is (Gnu) ] and also how it is [ pronounced ("new") ]. 
The last clue is the trickiest.  The image [ -ing ] may seem like a [ directive ] but is actually an [ example of a suffix ].  Another word for this is an [ ending ]. 
Put it all together and you get:[ Brand New Ending ]


Now that's a worthy answer!  Definitely one of the more anticipated features available in Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED.

Adios amigos!

- Novel -


volley_bhcs6 said...

Any chance we'll ever learn how to work out Puzzle 62? I'm dying to know..

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the winner's of the contest. And I am soooo excited to play Secrets Can Kill Remastered! :)