Thursday, August 12, 2010

Average Morning, Above Average Afternoon

Well guys, not too much has happened today, but that’s all going to change soon.

I started the morning with more fairy tales and typed up some awesome bios of characters that you may or may not get to see soon…Then I moved on to working on the next newsletter to come out which will definitely contain some important details about upcoming releases and all the fall happenings for you to get excited about!

And then around mid-day I received an email announcing that the beta for SAW was ready for me to play! And thus I say that not much has happened today…yet. Because I’m about to jump into what looks like the scariest game yet (!!!!) and as any Nancy fanatic knows, everything pales in comparison to playing a new game.

So I apologize for not posting a longer blog with trivia or weird holidays…but I just have to go play!!


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Anonymous said...

Wow Summer Sleuth you are soooo lucky! Have fun playing the beta for SAW!