Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Puzzle #66 Answer

Alright folks, here is your well deserved puzzle answer:

[Alphabet is arranged on 3 tic-tac-toe boards. First number in each set refers to the board order, second number refers to the square on the board. So A is 11, B is 12, J is 21, etc. ]

That was a tricky one and I’m super impressed with the thought processes that went into figuring it out (well…I guess they’re all hard and I’m always impressed but that goes especially for this week too).

I spent the morning gathering reviews from Amazon, reading through literally thousands of people’s opinions on all of the games. It’s crazy how one review will say “this was by far the most disappointing game” and then the next will say “easily the best yet, keep up the good work!” It just shows how everyone looks for different things from the games. But it’s a mystery to me how the designers can keep almost everybody satisfied with every game!

And after lunch I got to work reading through some well-known myths, fables, and fairy tales (Aesop, anyone?) to prepare for an upcoming special event! So be sure to check that out in the next couple of days. Reading stories all day? That’s my kind of job.

And in the words of our favorite sleuth, that’s it for now!

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