Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Next Best Thing

Two things! New voice on the 'morrow. (Yeah, contemplate that one for a minute ^.^) Aaaaaaaand awesome trailer action on the way (also tomorrow's news, today.)

Such has been my day. Blissful times with the Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED crew.

Plus there was this:
Pic of the Week
- The "Other" Conference Room -

Yessssss that is a super-secret ND24 meeting. In the sun no-less. I might or might not have been invited. But hey what do you expect from a Nancy Drew fan... at least a little snooping, right? (yes, they did absolutely see me.  And yes, I did get soooo busted.)

I'm out for the count, see ya soon!

- Novel -


Safecracker said...

Hey, that grass is very long!:)
(Novel, get out the mower) Hey! mowing grass could be a puzzle in an ND game!

Riz said...

What a pleasant place to work! :D
Ah I'm dying to know about ND24... I can't wait, but I'm sure it'll be great!