Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Importance of Sugar Rationing

Protector of the Candy!

Never underestimate the power of chocolate in an office of game designers!

-Novel... et al-


Mikayla! said...

I'm pretty sure those are fruit flavored...

Ringbearer said...

Iggy!!! He's too cute!

You guys enjoy eating chocolate while making the games, and most of us on the boards seem to enjoy eating chocolate while playing the games. (While the chocolate companies are enjoying making a small fortune. LOL!) :D

Anonymous said...

I wonder...was this the inspiration for Iggy from CRY? lol.
Random thought--I know


Novel_Sleuth said...

@ Mikayla Yeah, unfortunately the ones left in the basket are fruit-flavored... the chocolate lovers must have already struck for the day. :P