Friday, March 13, 2009

Bacon Lovers

Today I was invited to go to lunch with a group of co-workers. They have an outing every Friday, in a ritual they dubiously dubbed, "Burger Fridays." The tradition was originally established as a way to rate various burger joints in the surrounding area, but these cool cats have slowly turned it into an all-office event.

These days, they have an open invitation and choose the lunch spot through discussion each Friday (now not necessarily a burger shop.) In addition, the Friday lunch crew is about as diverse as the office could get; Artists, Programmers, Writers, and more. It's a good time for each of the departments to swap stories and socialize.

Community is something HI prides itself on, and it's always nice to see such a motley bunch bond over burgers and fries. Count me in next week.


Caroline said...

omg. that looks soooooo yummy! french fries = <3. hehe.
- - Caroline ♥

Misty said...

Sounds like fun!

aubrey1234565 said...

That burger looks delicious!