Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday Fail

So maybe you're wondering where yesterday went... Well it seems we had a few hiccups in the office, namely the crash of several servers and loss of network communication. Work became fairly limited, but I suppose something good did come of it...

Yeah, that's how we solve some of our problems... cupcakes. Cause seriously what can't be solved delicious baked goods?

Oh hey did you check out the character trailer they released today? I'm hoping they've got some more to dish out. I particularly like these kinds of videos because the characters are my favorite part about our games. Anywho maybe you should check it out. ^.~

Tomorrow is Friday and that means puzzles!


- Novel o -

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Alie-oop said...

I bet it was fun eating all those cupcakes. :) Dang, now I'm getting a sweet tooth--and I just had peanut butter with a cup of milk. Lol.

I bet they are already working on the bloopers of 23.