Monday, October 18, 2010

One Day Left

So this is it. Launch week. Shadow at the Water's Edge is on shelves tomorrow. (No midnight launches that I'm aware of.) Does it feel like Christmas Eve to anyone else? Maybe New Year's? There's definitely a countdown coming to a close in my head and butterflies keeping me from shut-eye tonight. On the off chance that I say this every time...(let's pretend this is the first time.) This is the most excited I've been about a game release. ^.^ How bout you?

We've already seen a few reviews from people that pre-ordered their copies, and it's looking like "eagerly awaited" is a common motif. Also there's been a few "best game yets." It's just hours away till you're in Japan with Nancy! *grin*

For point three I'll be brief. Newsletter. It's coming. Soon. Very Soon.

I'd say the puzzle is solved. The process is valid, even if the answer is debatable. We'll bring it into view tomorrow. Ciao till then.


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