Monday, October 4, 2010

Start of Something Sinister

Good afternoon, Monday!
It is now officially the first week of October, the month of scares. We’re getting into the Fall swing of things, which as we all know means launch time is almost upon us. If you’ve pre-ordered your copy of Shadow at the Water’s Edge then you just might see it shipping out a little earlier than the retail launch. I suppose that’s one pre-order perk they failed to mention. ^.~

So there’s one more piece o’ the pie; the trailer. Sure they played a short teaser thing, but I’m talking the full-blown, epic, thriller of a preview. You’ll be pleased (or afraid, depending) to know that it is on the way to you. Let’s say… tomorrow, and hope that I’m not proven wrong by the powers-that-be. It'd be best if you didn't miss it, you'll thank me later. Although... talk about nightmares, this one’s definitely got terror written all over it.

The weekend puzzle has met its end. We’ll discuss tomorrow, no?

- Novel -

Got a good Halloween costume picked out yet?

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Johnny said...

Where will I find the trailer ?