Thursday, October 7, 2010

Missing Days and Answers

No blog for two days? You know what that means... Yup, I've been bed-ridden for a short period of time, but I've returned to send some much needed love to my readers.

It hasn't been the most exciting of weeks in the office (from what I can see) but pre-orders have wrapped up, and shipping begins today. That means we're a little under two weeks till the official Shadow at the Water's Edge launch. Soooo soon! :P

You saw the trailer right? I told you it was brimming with spooky goodness. But what did you think? Too scary? Not scary enough?

So I know I promised the puzzle answer on Monday and here it is!

- Puzzle 73 Answer -

This puzzle uses a special kind of code. If you [ remove every 3rd letter ] from the list [ starting with the capital "S" ], you'll discover a [ message - "Start with the first and take out every third to solve!" ].
Take that [ statement ] and look at [ what is leftover. ] There's no need to [ rearrange the letters ], the final answer is
[ Bento can be quite charming ]


I'm certain that is a clue for something... Perhaps it'll make more sense when SAW lands on your doorstep. ^.~

We'll have a new puzzle tomorrow, stay tuned.

- Novel -


Anonymous said...

What I think? SCARY SUKI!!!!

Maddie said...

not scary enough!