Thursday, October 28, 2010

Steps Ahead

Planning for holidays is always fun business. We get to think about decorations, promos, giveaways, contests, etc. Happy times I say. I don't always remember what shenanigans we got into in the previous years, but it seems important to try and top them in some way. Halloween's a good time for this as we're already caricatures or costumed crime-fighters. Working at blazing speeds to solve problems in this cubicle jungle. It's a carpeted beat, but one that I patrol with pride. ^.~

Oops, got a little off topic... but I'm excited for the weekend already (and thinking of special days further along the road.) Holidays bring out happy spirits and hospitable hands, so I can't help but get swept away. Maybe I'll check out early today... just don't tell anyone. ^>^

The puzzle was solved! Awesome! Here's the key.

- Puzzle 76 Answer -

There are a couple of steps to this puzzle. First off, you'll need to determine the [ clef ] of the musical notation. The [ included text ] will fill you in, specifically this word: [ "viola". ]
[ Viola ] is traditionally written in [ Alto clef ]. Once you've got that you can discover the corresponding [ notes "A - G" ]. Translate each of the [ notes ] in the puzzle.
Now for a little bit of [ math ]. With the first group of notes, [ FFFA ] convert them to [ numbers i.e. - 6+6+6+1=19 ] which we can then swap with [ 19 = S ]. So the 1st [ letter is "S" ].
Continue replacing [ the notes with numbers ] and so forth. Each [ line ] is equal to [ 1 word ]. Complete the conversion for the entire stanza, you'll end up with:
[ Suki Knows Many Tricks ]


Oh, yes, that is most certainly true! Have you learned them all? Alright, I'll see you tomorrow, with a whole new puzzle!

- Novel -

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