Thursday, December 17, 2009

Working Out

It would seem some of the office has already begun to head towards the home front for holiday festivities. Still rolling on our sugar-high from yesterday's cookie explosion, some of us are playing a few roles. You may have noticed my cadence on the tweets today, expect more of it. ;)

But what's really going down in HI? Clean up. Yup just like I mentioned last week, the final year-end grind continues. S' hard to start new projects with merriment on the way. Still, whispers of TOT drift down the cube-space every now and then. There's talk of tornadoes... And I believe... questions of whether or not any one has actually seen one. Well? have you? :P

I said I'd reveal the puzzle, so here it is, in all its majesty.

-- Answer to Puzzle #34 --


The first thing to know is [ you'll be changing the numbers to letters of the alphabet ]
Start at the beginning [ T = 20th letter of the alphabet ] next you'll [ count 14 letters past T, if you hit Z, just wrap back around to A (and vice versa) ] The next number equals [ H ] and so [ 23 letters beyond H is E ] This makes our first word [ The ].

Instead of starting anew with each word, you'll carry on from [ the last letter you made, in this case E ] An important thing to understand is [ every time you encounter a vowel, reverse the direction of your count ] So for 13 you'll [ count up from E to get R ].

Continue in this manner [
reversing counting direction every time you hit a vowel ] until you've solved the puzzle. Once you've solved for all the numbers, you'll read the phrase:

The ransom suspect hardly said anything of note ]


See you all tomorrow, with a brand new puzzle to boot!

- Novel -

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