Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Excess Heights

Somehow we've held onto the sun. Maybe for a couple days more. Though I'm jealous of those with snow. I happen to hold a fond fascination of those unique white flakes. Who knows...

It's been a slow news day here at the head quarters. I think the winter does that; a bit of secrecy surrounds the holidays, and with it a lot of people quietly plot when they can. The office is busy, but quiet, I've seen none of the usual wanderings of artists or programmers, or even "marketeers." We've all got our heads down (or perhaps up in the clouds) with plans for the coming weeks. But maybe that's the kind of day we should all have, one of quiet contemplation. It's a good choice for those chilly, but sun-filled, December moments.

And for further inspection, I give you today's hint for puzzle #34!

-- Hint for #34 --

"It revolves around the alphabet, but knowing when to rise or fall is not a consequence of consonants. "


Cheers, yall!

- Novel -


Anonymous said...

I've been spending my snow day playing Nancy Drew games.

Novel_Sleuth said...

@anon - A warm day indoors with a little mystery? Sounds like a good day to me. ^.^

- Novel -