Thursday, December 3, 2009

Registering a Hit

Looks like another day of sun here on the West Coast! It's been a good start to December, let's see if the great weather keeps up. It has gotten quite a bit colder though. Maybe we're looking at the beginnings of a "white Christmas" here. Are you hoping for one as well?

I've been compiling some data for a survey, and yes it is as totally boring as it sounds. However it got me thinking about some things, game registration in particular. Did you know we use registration data for a whole caboodle of things? We have various staff members who can analyze all the data and translate into a variety useful info. Understanding certain trends or collecting a pool of users to survey is just the tip of the iceberg. It's pretty fancy. Another thing that we use it for is Beta tester selection, which is a pretty standard practice for games companies nowadays. And here you thought typing in all that info didn't do a single thing. :P

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Hannah said...

Today was nice and chilly in Kansas.... the high of about twenty and the low of seventeen... It's noooottttt cool, not cool at all.