Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Slim Pic'n

There was sun today. Glorious is a good word to describe it. When the skies are blue, the office is not. People were busy, there was a much needed hacky-sack break, and all around good spirits. Speaking of which, I've got a picture for ya...

There's nothing wrong with a little holiday spirit in your cubicle decorations. I suppose now's the time to start stringing up the lights, eh?

-- Puzzle 33 Solution --

This puzzle is solved by completing two steps.
Step One
is finding the hidden words in the scramble: [ Honest, Fracas, Cowherd ] While the numbers at the bottom of the puzzle appear to [ relate to the length of the three words ] it actually [ sets the bounds for applicable code words (between 5-7 letters only) ]
Step Two is rearranging the letters of the code words to create [ Secret of Shadow Ranch ]


If you're wondering about the image I posted yesterday, it's the start of a floor plan for the Royal Palladium. That's right, the theatre from The Final Scene (one of my personal favorites.) We've been working on a strategy guide for that game. Does this mean some of the early titles might also see some hints and tips in the future? You can count on it!

Ciao, for now.

- Novel -


Firewing3333 said...

I love the holiday spirit going around there! If only I had lights to do that to my room...

Anonymous said...

Hey Novel!! I love the fact that you all can do that at your work! It wold be sooo much fun working there =) Oh! I was wondering if you could share what was being worked on on the computers...The right screen kinda looks like a lazer maze or somthing crazy lol =) If it's top secret I understand ;)

Novel_Sleuth said...

@firewing - I didn't have lights when I was younger, but I remember I used to decorate with paper snowflakes! Gotta keep the cheer up I suppose

@anon - I totally want to tell you, but unfortunately my lips are sealed. I can say however that the cubicle in question belongs to an environmental artist who is currently working on TOT.

- Novel -