Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Season for Rumors

Howdy all! Yesterday was a vacation day for me. We are right in between game launches, so there aren't very many new things to share about the latest game...yet.

There are game launch seasons, holiday seasons, and summertime, but then here at Her Interactive I also like add the "quiet" season. It's really the season for our fans to replay games, get caught up on older games that haven't been played yet, reading Nancy Drew books, and so on. This is the season where we must wait what seems like foreeeeeeever until we get to announce information about the next game.

I was replaying SPY last week. COOKIES!!

In this season for rumors, we leave you with only the teaser for the next game. Well...and replicated images from that teaser which are now on the merchandise store. What are your thoughts or guesses of what MED could be like? Do you have any ideas what sort of characters will be in the game? What Nancy and Greg George will be challenged with?

We have a birthday!

~Little Jackalope~

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Mollie said...

Lani Minella (voice of Nancy Drew) is totally doing the voice of the announcer, isn't she? :)