Monday, February 10, 2014

Popular Kid on the Block

Her Interactive received a little more attention this last week when we had a vlogger (and now TV show guy) highlighted our latest game, The Silent Spy. Check it out here as I show him around the game!

As for the weekend puzzle, it looks like I can't read my own handwriting. My "a"s look like "c"s... The Sa was supposed to be Sc. Bad detective points for me. So I drew a sad face.

Anyways, the letters were periodic table elements. You can see the solution in the above image. The atomic numbers of the elements translate into the alphabet, which in turn spells out [Team Tui] in reference to our next game.

We have a belated birthday!

~Little Jackalope~


Catherine said...

Uhhh, LJ? Team Tui is nice and all, -if you're refering to the bird.

...but I'm from New Zealand, and here, Tui is also the name of a beer and alcohol company.

Soooo, I don't know if this matters too much... But if I was in charge I would select a different native bird for the team so that The Shattered Medallion doesn't get incorrectly rated for 'drug and alcohol references'.

The Doctor said...

Jammie dodgers? And nobody told me? Well, now I've got an excuse to go visit Pond when she was a little girl in Scotland!


Anonymous said...

That's how my first Nancy Drew game went too

ND's #1 fan said...

Neat Video! *gasps*! LJ! You finally revealed your real name to the rest of us! Sneaky LJ ;) Pretty name though :D The screen turned pink? Huh. I know in TOT if Nancy ate too many Koko Kringles, the screen turns green! And then I don't remember but I think it activates a second chance sequence. If it doesn't it should. LOL XD

Anonymous said...

Neat video! I think it's good that people are realizing that Nancy Drew is truly for all ages.
On a different note:
I remember before SPY was released, you described it as "intense" were 100% right! How would you describe The Shattered Medallion?

Anonymous said...

Does Herinteractive have any intention on remastering the older games like Stay Tuned for Danger?

Little Jackalope said...

@Catherine -yes, we mean the bird. There will be no alcoholic references in the game. :)

@ND's #1 fan -- Why thanks! He was referencing the meter on the screen while we were playing the game. We had a video capture program running and it was having issues. The game was perfectly fine.

@Anonymous - We have no current plans for remastering older titles. :(

ND's #1 fan said...

@LJ- You're welcome :) However, I actually stumbled upon it a while ago using a very well-known site. It really keeps your attention pinned onto the screen (hint, hint lol) XD I love it when Nancy unexpectedly stumbles upon a clue! :) And thanks for clarifying :D