Monday, February 3, 2014

Computer Hack

So I found this today...

I don't know if I should be mad or thrilled that a certain someone whom I am a HUGE fan of hacked into my computer and took over my work. I suppose I should be more worried about him leaking information that he *could* have found opened on my computer... we'll see. I'll have to keep a close eye on any of our secrets getting out too soon.

**Edited** Too late. He must have uploaded all of the art from the Flying Cow Productions up to the merchandise store for me. Well, thanks! That saved me a bit of time...even though these images are up a bit early...

Hmm.. on another distracted note...I wonder if I can film anything going on in the office to make videos for later...?

Oh! We had a fan send in some art, so we have to share it with you. The excitement for The Silent Spy is still evident!

~Little Jackalope~


Allison said...

Is it a reasonable deduction that Sonny will be making an in-person appearance in MED? I mean, he certainly has been on the HeR staff's subconsciouses lately.

And I'm still pretty sure all the secrecy behind those boots LJ showed us a snapshot of a few weeks ago are also part of those subconscious thoughts, right...? Why be so secretive about it unless it's someone we'll instantly recognize otherwise? :)

Sorry, I'm acting very Sherlockian right now. :P

Speaking of which, considering that Sherlock Holmes is officially in the public domain, maybe HeR should incorporate Sherlock Holmes into a future game!

Amanda said...

Hi Little Jackalope!!!
I'm a huge Nancy Drew game fan (I have every game!) and I read your blog everyday! My name is Amanda and it's my 16th birthday on Saturday February 8th. I was wondering if I could get a birthday shoutout?? Thank you!

Future Animator said...

Id love to know why SJ is the big subject right now!;) it's making me excited

Oh bye the way, congrats on Seattle's big win Sunday!! Personally, I don't watch football but because y'all love the Hawks I cheered them on as well:)