Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fan letter + GTH News

To show her thanks for winning the cookie contest last year, Rozanna sent us some fan mail. Only this fan mail is really creative: she used magazine clippings and Her Interactive-themed pictures to decorate with! Check it out:

Also, we just shared the date for when we are releasing Ghost of Thornton Hall for the iPad!

~Little Jackalope~


Allison said...

Cool!!! Will you also be making GTH available for other mobile OS's, like Androids?

PS. I did that Doctor comment. ;) Speaking of which, I wrote a story on the forums which explained how Nancy could've gone to the 1930s for CLK - time travel!

Future Animator said...

That's a super awesome idea! I should send someone a letter like that!:D

:0 night made!! So SUPER excited, can I assume it's gonna be called iGTH? I literally did a fist pump when I saw this on my Facebook;)

So wanna know how well my phone knows me? How much I love ND? Every time I type "gtg"(got to go) my phone auto corrects it to GTH!

Anonymous said...

That looks like a ransom note.

Sammy said...

Hey! It's coming out on my birthday!!! That's never happened before! :) -Samantha

Shainnen Somerville said...

Love the letter, it's too adorable! And can't wait for GTH to come out on IOS, will be the first customer to purchase! If it ends up becoming successful, will you transfer GTH to Androids? Can't wait for more, thanks for updating LJ! :)

Anonymous said...

Allison - I wrote HI asking about making something for androids. Apparently it's not even on the radar. I think there's a petition, though, if you want to sign it.