Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekend Puzzle #171

It's the weekend! Well, almost for me, I'm still working on my little night project, and while a good half of it is done, there is still more to do. Solve the weekend puzzle to find out what! (Note: once you know the answer, don't expect too much, as it will be Her Interactive: office/Nancy-style...)

~Click on the image for a larger view. Hint #1: same as last March's puzzle~

Also, I thought just came to mind. The Bonus Edition version of The Deadly Device is running short on time! They are only available for a few more days! The games that will be in the stores are only the regular edition. The Bonus version will only be available from our site until October 22nd (that's Monday). o.O That also means *GASP* the end of the Adventure Matters contest! In only a matter of days, we will have picked a winner who will then choose Nancy's destination for her 30th game! (O_o) I'm excited and nervous at the same time... Where is Nancy going? It's a surprise to me as much as you, since it has not been determined yet. Nancy's fate (or should I say, luggage) is going to be in some one's hands! Learn more at the Adventure Matters contest page here!

And then my mind traveled to...Ned. Yeah, call me a big fan of Ned Nickerson, Nancy's boyfriend. I'm looking forward to going home tonight and playing the game again just to read his funny text messages. Oh Ned...*shakes head* just isn't your thing, is it?

~Little Jackalope~


Future HeR Animator said...

I'm a bit nervous on where Nancy will be going too! It's so exciting and it will be a great experience for the winner:) thank you for letting the fans get more envolved!

Rachel Nicole said...

OOH! Now THAT'LL be fun!! Can't wait for your little secret now! ;)

-Rachel Nicole

Tiffany said...

Halloween blog video? YES

Anonymous said...

I got Halloween Blog Video. Nice :)

Aubrey Morgan :) said...

4, 12
3, 6
10, 4
13, 16
13, 14
4, 2

Anonymous said...

Halloween Blog Video!!! Omigosh! I soooo wan to see your costume Little Jackalope! Will you be Nancy Drew? A Jackalope? Just some ideas...

Anonymous said...

i like JUST fished the deadly device now! i can't believe that i actualy gussed the culpret right! Ryan is my ofical favorat charector out of all the nancy drew cames!!! i am dow obsessed with gummy bears.

Teagpow said...

I Think Nancy Should Go To The MOON Or A Special Place I Like!

Anonymous said...

Ooh! That thing about Ned realy caught my attention. Did you mean him in DED??

From me,

P.S. I'll try my best on the puzzle but,you've stumped me!

Anonymous said...

I got the puzzle! Now I get why you were doing this project at night.

From me,

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for you Blog Video to come out!! I LOVE your Vlog! It's the highlight of my week!

Dedicated Nancy Drew Gamer :)

Anonymous said...

Halloween video? Sounds super cool!