Monday, July 18, 2011

Videos, Carousels and Reviews!

Hey all! I'm posting a little late today, because there were a lot of things to catch up on. (Mondays are typically like that.) Here's what's been going on:

~ There is a new video up on our YouTube Channel! Head over to check out "Nancy Drew: Packing for Germany"

~ USA today reviewed The Captive Curse! Read the full review here.

~ Free download day! Get Ransom of the Seven Ships' mobile wallpaper for your phone now!

~ Weekend puzzle #112 has a winner! Congratulations to Karson P. for correctly discovering the key word/phrase who was randomly drawn from all the correct participants! Karson will be notified with her promo code to download the prize, The Haunted Carousel soon. Here's the solution to the puzzle:

1. The name of the fourth character listed on the Character Profiles page of game #10 [Mary]
2. #7 “______ a cemetery and a speakeasy” [Explore]
3. #6 “Expose buried secrets and catch a thief ____-handed!” [red]
4. #12 has a screenshot that is of Nancy’s blue ______. [roadster]
5. Leela’s last name in #21. [Yadav]
6. Fill in the blank from the downloads page “Legend of the Crystal Skull Wallpaper - ______ in the Garden” [Gargoyles]
7. On game #15’s page Kane ‘______ is mentioned. [Okala]
8. A traditional Japanese family Inn is called a ______. [ryokan]
9. On game #23’s page, it says you will learn _____, tea ceremonies, and calligraphy. [origami]
10. “_____ a Ghostly Legend and Find a Vanished Groom!” on game #19’s page. [Unveil]
11. The first character on the Character Profile page of game #11. [Nigel]
12. Coucou from #20 is a” ____ yellow headed Amazon parrot”. [double]

Good work detectives!
~Little Jackalope~

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Karson said...

I just wanted to let you know that i am a girl and thank you for my fee download of the haunted carousel.