Tuesday, July 5, 2011

After the 4th of July

After a three-day weekend we are back in the office! (Am I a nut for wanting to come back here?) Yesterday was the 4th of July, and for us Americans that meant Independence Day! Read the latest Dare to Play blog post on this.

A few of us came back to office ready to do a little rummaging and desk cleaning. I love it when this happens because there is always something fun to discover, especially when someone next door finds little poster art of a few of the games and gives them to me to decorate the walls of my cubicle. Love these! As for the weekend puzzle, it turns out that I wasn't clear enough in the post. (It says that this weekend puzzle "isn't" a contest.) As you can see, many of you posted the answer in a comment, and there are many comments! I apologize for this confusion, and I will make it more clear next time. (A note: I always like to state contests in the post titles, so always look for that as a big flag). Just about all of you got the answer correct, yay!

Here's the unscramble:
[The name of the captain of the Seven Virtues Fleet] which is [El Torro (nickname), or
Juan Ignacio de Santa Ana Domingo
] This is from Ransom of the Seven Ships, which is currently our July special. Nice work sleuths, I suppose this was an easy one. ;)

Ta-ta for now!
~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

Can the next WP be a contest? Please!

Anonymous said...

I have really been enjoying the Weekend puzzle, but I wish there was a contest every week. It's an easy way to get a game. I know in my family we own most of the games, but we just cannot afford the ones we don't own. I wish herinteractive would lower the prices. We spend hours on these games, playing them over and over. but after a while, the ones you have can get kind of old. Please take this into consideration.

-dedicated ND lover