Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Production Sounds

I made a short trip over to the production department today to get a little inside peak at what's going on. One of our sound wizards was working on some sounds for ND25 and was able to take a break to tell me about it.

We have a huge sound library that she says can take a while to search through. When she finds what she's looking for, she takes it and inserts into the game. Sometimes it needs editing or mixing, or both.
When I asked her what the hardest sounds at the moment to create were she said "Beeps are a little tricky because there are a lot of different kinds of beeps, and they are each distinct". The sound wizard also said "Ambient room noises are not that hard, they're just a little time-consuming". Have you ever stopped to just listen to the quiet noises of your surroundings? Things like a fan or the air conditioner turning on or off, creeks, bumps, and other little things that hardly grab our attention are important to make the game more realistic, and it creates an overall better experience I think.

Take a look here! I found this while coming out of the production department; Santa is in time-out.
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~Little Jackalope~


Random Nancy Drew Fan said...

I love the back ground sounds! I've never thought about who put them in the game, or how hard it must've been. I'm usually focusing on the mystery. But the background sounds, like you say, make it so much more realistic!

Yours Truly,
Ms. Random Nancy Drew Fan

Anonymous said...

Santa?Realy?I thought it was the fourth of July...unless it's Christmas in July...Yep.I'm confused.

From me,

Veronica said...

Santa's in a time out? Is he on the naughty list?