Monday, July 25, 2011

Locked Drawers Now Opened

Looks like the weekend puzzle was solved only yesterday on the message boards! Congrats for getting this one! Here's the solution:

[Starting at the top left, select every other letter going down, and left-to-right. For starters, T, then two down is H, two down would be E.] Now circulating to the right would get you P, then I and so forth until you reach the last column. Go back to the first column at the second letter down (O) and continue until you have this: [The Pink Sands of Sangre Beach] Ta-da!

On to the secret matters:

Look what I dug up! If any of you have played Stay Tuned for Danger, you might recognize the infamous drawer that is forever locked. Well, I unlocked it! (The method is a secret one that can only be done at Her Interactive). I picked up the key that did not make it into the game and unlocked Mattie's left desk drawer seen below:

It is a mystery why this was left out, perhaps to tease you, like it did me, but here are the contents. Voila! Fan letters to Rick Arlen:
Keep it real!
~Little Jackalope~


CassidyPrincess said...

Ah! This is so awesome. I always was confused by it and thought I missed something. Thanks for the secret and I LOVE YOUR GAMES!!!!!!!!! XD

Random Nancy Drew Fan said...

I often paused at that drawer trying to figure out where the key was. Those letters look familiar. I think if you check around other areas around that desk you can find those letters... but maybe I'm wrong. I haven't played Stay Tuned For Danger in a long time.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Random Nancy Drew Fan

Anonymous said...

I just played Stay Tuned For Danger and thought it was weird that the drawer didn't open:)I'm glad to know whats inside:)

Anonymous said...

Please tell me there's going to be a Stay Tuned For Danger Remastered wherein this drawer would be open.?

Anonymous said...

It's very interesting. But where should I select every other letter? In any letter? On the keyboard? Sorry for my mistakes. I'm not English.