Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Repairs and "No Repair"

Well, the digital store is back up and running good once again. Sorry for the inconvenience! It was not a virus, or anything that was error from our side. If you have an account with us, all of your information is still safe and secure, so no worries. (Read the previous post below near the bottom to learn more.)

I noticed this sticky note posted on the light fixture above the next cubicle. I forget what the story was behind this being here...but I thought it looked funny enough to share. It says "No Repair".

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Heading to another top-secret meeting, yay!
~Little Jackalope~


Random Nancy Drew Fan =D said...

Hi! I went on vacation! Needed a break.
Anyway, I can understand 'needs repair' or 'please repair' but 'no repair'? Hmm...
About yesturday's post, do a lot of ND games get into magazines and such?
The screensaver is great! Thanks for letting some of us in on it early!

Yours Truly,
Ms. Random Nancy Drew Fan =D

Anonymous said...

so to me,The note sounds like it could mean one of two things.
One:It is damaged beyong repair
Two:Its already fixed and doesn't need any repair.

Doesn't Nnacy always look at things from a few different angles?

From me,