Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Captive Curse

It's finally here!The Captive Curse has been released and is now in stores! Whoo-hoo!! A press release was posted on our site.
Today we celebrated with a German feast: bratwurst, pretzels, and strudel among many other dishes. Check it out:Yum! Have you made it to the store to get this new game? We are excited to hear what you think!
~Little Jackalope~


Random Nancy Drew Fan said...

I haven't had a chance to get the game yet, but I will as soon as I'm free enough to play it! Hearing about everybody else talk about the monster makes it sound even more exciting!

Yours Truly,
Ms. Random Nancy Drew Fan

Karson said...

I got my copy of cap yesterday and I cant wait to play it. I am sure this game will be even better than saw which is one of my favorite games so far. I just started to play ND games last year when I bought saw so I am Still going back and buying the other Nancy Drew games. I just ordered Danger By Design and I cant wait to play that to.

Anonymous said...

Still playing.I'm so close to the end I can taste it.Sreamed a few more times but am still loving it!

From me,