Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Locked!

Surely anyone who has played a Nancy Drew game has heard the phrase "It's locked!" spoken by Nancy, particularly when there is a door, drawer, cabinet, or box is, of course locked. Since there is always something "locked" for Nancy to break in, use a key, or solve a puzzle to unlock, there is and will be the opportunity to move the cursor over, click on the object and receive that popular phrase.

Sometimes I click several times on a locked door just to hear those words. I often imagine Nancy getting frustrated over my game play, inside her mind she says "It's locked." In a calling voice: "It's loo-oocked!" In a frustrating voice: "It's LOCKED!" and finally "It's locked, ok! Continue with finding the key already, you are getting on my nerves." Of course, Nancy wouldn't say that...but wouldn't it make an awesome outtake? (Hopefully someone in the office will consider putting this into a future game...)

This was placed on my desk yesterday. I was thrilled to receive it! This was an enclosed envelope with "It's Locked!" hand-written on the front and when I opened it, inside I found a key card and gold key! These keys open up locked secrets, activity, and other mysterious unknowns about the games.
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~Little Jackalope~

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Emily said...

Love it I sometimes just keep clicking as well to see if anything will happen and I LOVE the idea of a Outtake on it =D