Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Snappy Instructions

Now I know many of you don't know exactly what the offices here look like.  Maybe you've been able to form a sort of picture based on the various photos we've posted over the years.  But I imagine many of you probably don't know your way around.  So I was slightly surprised to see the following map.

I'm going to give you the brass tacks on this... it in no way reflects the layout of our offices at all.  Amusingly an employee left this at the front desk as instructions for the UPS (per writing on it).  Though I'd wager more than a cookie that said mail carrier never arrived at the given destination. 

It may not be the most valid of set-ups, but this does represent the week at large.  Slack instructions.  We've been determined to continue efforts on all fronts, but after the glee of a GM (in this case, TOT) dies down, the office moves a touch slower.  People find spaces to work in peace, and it's that kind of a day, with many in "work bubbles."  Still, there are good things happening.  I've seen new packaging designs, talked some shop with the ND23 design team, and got to see some preliminary footage of the TOT Teaser (I know, finally, right?)

Entries for the art contest are coming in slower now.  Don't forget that we're accepting both photographs (of you) and artwork you've created!  Many people have entered only one or the other.  We're offering two chances to get in, you don't want to miss out.  ^.~


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