Friday, March 19, 2010

Puzzle 46

I hope everyone has had a good week.  We'll certainly be enjoying a break this weekend. *fingers crossed for sun*  Here's some brain-training for the next few days!

-- Puzzle 46 --

Odds often move to the very end
Now evens to the front we will send
Last to the front and the front to the last
Round the center they spin one time real fast
Allow one five, three four, six seven, five six swapped
Just what do you have, now that you have stopped?
Until three is reached run forward not back


Good luck to everyone!  Catch ya next week!



Anonymous said...

How are you supposed to do these puzzles anyway???

Larathesleuth said...


junebug2591 said...

I may be REALLY wrong but the is the only thing I could figure out to do:

junebug2591 said...

Attempt #2:


Novel_Sleuth said...

@ anon - well some people like to team up on the message boards and work on it together. They slowly work through various ideas until they think they're on the right track. And sometimes we'll provide a few hints to help guide you along!

@ larathesleuth - I'd certainly agree! ^.~

- Novel -

Novel_Sleuth said...

@ junebug - valiant attempts for sure, but alas they are not correct. I'm also curious as to where you got the numbers? ^.^
Crafty, crafty, I say.

- Novel -