Friday, March 26, 2010

Puzzle 47

Friday's come, rain and shine.

Grab a chair and get ready, cause this puzzle is a thinker!  Enjoy.

- Puzzle 47 -

Which game am I?

Use the clues with the board.
Each clue equals only one tile.
Some clues equal the same tile.

1. Seven Sailed.
2. It's common.
3. If you said this was a necessary piece, I might think you had misread it.
4. Opposite of the beginning.
5. Apples, Cherries, and Pecans.
6. And 'lo we did feast.
7. What we put between Bread and Butter.
8. Not exactly the sign for where a catcher stands...
9. Used to be.
10. (This step is its own hint.)
11. How you begin Calculations.
12. Forever sideways


Good luck and have an extraordinary weekend!

- Novel -


Anonymous said...

Novel, did you mean which Nancy Drew game??? if you did i think i know what it is. and if it isn't the "which Nancy Drew game", can you give me a hint? (and everyone else who reads this comment.) thanks! ~R

Anonymous said...

is it supposed to be some kind of sentence or message?

Anonymous said...

The Twitter updates won't show up on the side of the blog for me to see. Is this a glitch? They never show up for me.