Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day Cards

We had a nice gift show up at the office today. Apparently one of our fans sent everyone in the office a personalized Valentine's Day card! I've got to say that we were truly blown away by this. You can rest assured that a gift of this magnitude will elicit a proper response. ^.^

- Fan-made cards w/ a personal greeting in each one -

In related news, we've been working on one or two fun Valentine's-themed content (though, I'm not much of a holiday man myself.) You'll also be pleased to know that the team has not yet been distracted by these aspirations of love and have remained true to the task at hand... TOT!

I see the puzzle is still at a standstill, so here's a tip from... well... me.


You don't need to use any math to solve this one.


Till tomorrow. :)

- Novel -

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