Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Midday moments

We went out for coffee today.  A bold attempt to stave off those 3:00 doldrums.  I'm an Americano man myself; a coffee-snob from before my Seattle days.  Of course now, I think anything will do.  No more quad-shots though.  Being that caffeinated could result in some "shaky" 6:00 decisions.

I got my first sampling of TOT today.  Now I've seen a few screens here and there, but I actually got to be in the driver's seat today.  Now I haven't played too much, but I've got to say it's pretty exciting so far.  Adventure, is certainly the variety of lemonade our summer stand is selling.  I think you'll be pleased as punch.

Gifts? Or packaging solutions?
I suppose it depends on the caffeine intake...

We're over the hump now.  Friday is already in sight.

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Phoenix Star said...

Woah you have a Nintendo DS! That's cool haha