Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Other Easter Eggs

It's hard to put a lot of energy into a project without adding a few extra touches of yourself. Many of our artists have passions and hobbies that permeate into their working world.

If you've played more than a few of our games, you'll know that we love to do a little "throwback" by providing names or objects from some of our older titles. It's one of the traditions we've been doing for some time now and makes for some great fun. But once in a while there's a little bit extra...

The artists are sometimes given a good amount of free reign in their environments. They'll need to create a variety of extra material to fill the game's world. Because of that, every so often, an artist will throw in a little personal flair. Maybe you'll see something reminiscent of this world in a poster for a River Heights band or as an advertisement the in latest sleuthing magazine Nancy peeks through. Some of these touches contain homage (or even parody) of real world things.

Over the years, you might be able to find more than quite a few references to "pop culture" (at the time of design of course.) I've seen some movie and song references, one or two actors and writers I recognize, as well a few tips-of-the-hat to games and books on "favorites" lists.

So keep your eyes peeled next time you play, you never know what might turn up!

- Novel -


PhoenixStar1993 said...

"I like turtles."

From VEN hahahaha

AMO said...

"BS has B.O." "Hey, who wrote that?"