Monday, February 1, 2010

Ease of Access

Hello, hello!

We've got some neat stuff this week. We're kicking off our daily updates to! Now we'll be posting something new each day. I'll give you a little cheat sheet you can refer to:

Monday - Download of the week
Tuesday - Dare to Play blog post
Wednesday - Twitter Contest
Thursday - Current News
Friday - Weekend Puzzle

If you're wondering what the "Twitter Contest" in the middle there is, well I'm not allowed to spoil the fun. You'll learn all the "ins and outs" tomorrow. I can say that it is a weekly contest we're going to start running.

So the weekend puzzle, huh? Perhaps a tad too easy? Designer Ben is ready to turn up the heat and promises me a devilishly difficult puzzle this Friday. From the boards, I can see you are more than ready for the challenge. ^.^

- Novel -


Sereina said...

I like the background, but the quality is not to good, and is not the right resolution for my screen. Therefore I find it useless to me.

If it had a higher resolution and different resolutions I would use it.

Anonymous said...


Silence Do-good