Friday, July 10, 2009

Weekend Puzzle #18

Friday finally comes around, and to wrap up this busy-busy week, we've got an awesome puzzle from Designer Mari. This one might be a bit tricky, but I'm sure all you sleuths will have no problem. Here we go.


(click to enlarge the image)


Okay, let's get rolling! Have a fun and safe weekend.

- Novel (nest)-


Crazy Mazy said...

Novel, I've noticed that when ever I look at your sign off thing u always put something in parenthises. Like today it was -Novel (nest). Is it some sort of code 4 the Nancy drew games?

Novel_Sleuth said...

Ya know, I get a lot of questions about that. So I'll just say this. It'll be revealed when it becomes important. It might be an incomplete code, or it might be my thoughts of the day... either way, we'll find out the truth soon enough.