Wednesday, July 8, 2009

But it's not Halloween yet...

Hey everyone! I’ve already mentioned how bizarre things can get around the offices of Her Interactive, but today was no exception. As I was meandering the building looking for something cool to take a picture of, inspiration walked right past me, literally! And it was in the form of several HI employees carrying costumes destined for an old west shoot-out.

I’ll leave it up to you guys to guess why anyone at HI would wear such ridiculous clothes and I’m sure the answer will eventually be revealed to you…in a future game perhaps?

-Summer Sleuth


Anonymous said...

Those costumes are amazing! (But, yes, ridiculous. I would wear them.)
A Western ND game? That would be... different. Interesting, but different.

Iryna said...

*snort* Thanks for a good laugh!

Novel_Sleuth said...

Mmwahhahhahh! (<---devious laughter)