Monday, July 20, 2009

An answer for Nineteen.

Hey all,

I hope everyone had a grand weekend. It was pretty lax around here. We managed to get so many things up and running last week that we just had to kick back over the weekend. But on to business.

RAN is out there, right on the shelf for the taking! Plus, for those of you who may have missed the post, we had a newsletter go out on Friday. If you'd like to give it a gander, you can check it out here:
Plus it comes with a most excellent contest!

Which brings us to the normal Monday fair, puzzle answers! Okay so it only took you all like five minutes to solve this one. I think we're gonna have to make Mari work a bit harder this week, eh? I like this puzzle a lot though, I'm a visual puzzler myself. Any who, here's how you get to point B.


In order to solve this puzzle you'll need [ two images. ] The first is the puzzle post (found below,) the second is [ Wednesday July 15th's picture post. ]

While they may not be exactly equal in dimension, you can use a bit of imagination to [ overlay the images on one another, revealing several letters and covering all the extemporaneous ones. ]

So you've got a string of letters. You'll have to do a little unscrambling to reveal: [ Tintinnabulum ]


Now I'm no linguist, so I'm certainly not familiar with that answer, but I bet a determined young sleuth armed with a mere dictionary could come up with some great explanations. (you just might want to shy away from wikipedia ~.< ) Anywho, as always, I'm sure there will be a big reveal soon enough! Though I think some of you have come up with some very interesting solutions. I'm out for now, Summer'll be back tomorrow. Hasta luego!

- Novel (sans pic)-

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